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National PTA School of Excellence

Through the National PTA School of Excellence program, each local PTA makes a year-long commitment to strengthening family-school partnerships at their school. With feedback from their school community and in partnership with school administration, each PTA Excellence Team will identify and implement an action plan for school improvement based on the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships.

Welcome to the program platform! 

To access and submit relevant forms and materials, you will use your PTA.org account and this platform. Consider the following directions:

  1. To log in to your account—You must be logged into the PTA.org account used to enroll in the program. Click the 'My Account' button above and, on the following page, log in to your account. Automatically, you will be returned to this homepage. If you have issues accessing your account, we recommend using the options outlined on the login page here.
  2. To access forms and applications—Click the "My Applications" button above. On the following page, choose one of the available options:  
    • My Applications: All submissions, regardless of status.  
    • In Progress/Incomplete: Submissions that you have started but not yet finished/submitted.
    • Complete: Submissions that have been received as complete.
    • Expired: Submissions that were not submitted before the submission deadline.
    • Archived: Submissions in past, archived Programs.
  3. To access older submissions—The platform will display activity from the last 120 days. To access prior submissions, please select 'Show full history.'

You can email Excellence@PTA.org for further support.